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From £300 Per Month



Choosing the right SEO company for your business website can be daunting at first, there are so many companies competing for your attention, so much lingo to learn and so many new concepts to become familiar with. Once you have learned the basics of what you need to know in order to have a clearer understanding of what’s on offer, the final hurdle is often the price.
Many SEO companies use the packaging approach, but SEO is a process – not a package. One package doesn’t suit all, and using the Bronze, Silver and Gold approach doesn’t work either, as every client has different needs. A tiered approach is fine as long as it’s tailored as well as tiered. The packaging approach fails to take into account your particular market, it doesn’t engage with your specific needs.
A small but growing number of SEO companies are offering a pay on results service. This can look very attractive initially but the devil is in the detail. A number of these companies say you will only get charged when you start ranking, which sounds great, but at what page do they start charging you, when you rank above 300? Above 200? Will they stop charging you when you’re rank drops below a certain level?
A good SEO company provides a tailored solution. This requires an initial audit, in-depth search query (keyword) research and a good analysis of your online market, as well as conversations with you about your business. My company provides technical, on-page SEO to ensure that you rank highly, as well as analysing and updating your content to make sure that people click on your entry in the search results.

The two main factors governing cost for my SEO company are the number of pages that will be optimised and the quality of competition in your market, with this in mind I’ve created ‘base’ services that can be upgraded to cope with website growth and online competition. My cheapest service starts from £300 per month for local or national SEO, with no contracts and no VAT.

All of my clients, regardless of which level of service they are paying for, benefit from the following :

  1. A free initial audit and competitor analysis. Many companies charge for this, i don’t.
  2. On-page optimisation. I am very technically-minded and will maximise your pages’ potential.
  3. Off-page link-building. I outsource this to a team of long-time, link-building experts.
  4. Google Analytics Integration. This gives us helpful insights into your website users’ behaviour.
  5. Google Webmaster Tools Integration. This gives us lots of very useful data.
  6. Uptime monitoring. I have a minute-by-minute server monitoring and alerting system.
  7. Daily performance monitor. This monitor’s your most important search-queries’ performance.
  8. Weekly performance monitor. This tracks competitors and alerts us to opportunities.
  9. Weekly or monthly reports. These are in addition to being able to log in to the monitors live.
  10. Near instant email support. I am always on my PC so rarely delay in answering your emails.

For me, looking after your business is the same as looking after mine, because your success really is my success, so it’s in my interest to have long-term clients who’s profits far outweigh their investment in my SEO company’s services.

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