SEO Audit

Before search engine optimisation you need an audit. I can provide anything from a basic, on-page technical assessment of your site, through to content analysis and all the way to deep link profiling.

This is a professional SEO auditing service that analyses all of the basics, such as page-titles and meta-descriptions, as well as thorough content analysis in relation to your chosen keywords and potential plagiarism (your copywriter has cut, modified and pasted someone else’s content to your site). If needed i can also run deep link analysis in order to see which links may be affecting your search engine ranking.

Pricing is dependent on the size of your site, ie: the number of pages that need to be processed and analysed. Advice for fixing all discovered issues is included with your final report.

This service may also help you recover from any Google penalties you may have against your site, you may not even realise that you have been penalised and a thorough SEO audit is the perfect tool for identifying and fixing any potential issues.


SEO Audit
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